Manuel Antonio National Park

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Discover with us one of the most precious treasures of Costa Rican nature

Departure from: Manuel Antonio

from$54.00 per person

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All about the Manuel Antonio National Park.

Have fun with the monkeys at Costa Rica’s number one visitor’s spot, Manuel Antonio National Park. This place really captures the tropical essence of the country in one go and it has been preserved as national treasure for the past 35 years. With this tour, you can choose to take a peaceful walk or venture in an intense trekking hike, either way, there is going to be a special guide to help you observe the abundance of the wildlife of the place where you will be able to watch sloths and numerous species of monkeys travel through the tree canopy, and even if you’re lucky, you might be able to spot and observe one of many of the only 1,000 remaining squirrel monkeys (better known as Mono Titi) endangered species and several types of non-poisonous snakes resting in the tropical rain forest. If you’re passionate about wildlife, this unique jewel of nature is definitely worth discovering.

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    What can we say about someone experiencing Costa Rica’s number one visitors’ spot, Manuel Antonio National Park…It is just like experiencing Costa Rica for the first time, absolutely unforgettable!

    Take a leisurely stroll or an intense hike with a highly trained naturalist guide, through our exotic bio-diverse tropical rain forest preserved in the last 34 year as national treasure, Manuel Antonio National Park. The pace of this adventure is determined by your abilities and interests, and the abundance of wildlife you want to stop and observe, all in its natural and breathtaking habitat.

    Watch sloths and numerous species of monkeys travel through the tree canopy hunt for nocturnal silky ant eaters and several types of non-poisonous snakes resting in the tropical rain forest, and listen to the songs of the various birds as they glide above your group, curiously looking for adventure. And if you are lucky, you might spot one of the only 1,000 remaining endangered Titi or squirrel monkey. See how many different kinds of flora and fauna you can spot just in the span of a 2 ½ hour nature walk or hike.

Comfortable hiking shoes, bathing suit, towel, sunscreen, hat and camera, bug spray.

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