Sky Tram, Sky Trek & Sky Walk – Monteverde

from $92.00 Per person

Have you ever dreamed of floating among the clouds? With this tour we’ve got you covered.

Departure from: Monteverde

from$92.00 Per person

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All about the Sky Tram, Sky Trek & Sky Walk – Monteverde.

Float around the clouds as you walk, fly and jump from side to side through suspension bridges, an aerial tram and zip lines letting, you admire the abundancy and beauty from of the wildlife from three unique points of view. The Skywalk tour includes 2,5km of trails and 6 suspension bridges across deep canyons located between treetops. The Aerial Tram lasts for about 20 minutes before descending in 6 cables of zip lines. This pioneering ecological tour allows you to have a surreal experience in harmony and coexistence with the environment. If you want to venture with nature using different perspectives, this tour will surely give you the experience of a lifetime.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Sky Trek & Aerial Tramway
  • Sky Walk Hanging Bridges Guided Walk
  • All the safety equipment
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  1. Pick up time 8:30 a.m. or later Close to nature

    SKY TRAM is a tour for all kind of persons and children, the special size of the cabins permit to enter with a wheelchair without problem.

    In 20 minutes the cabins of Sky Tram arrive to the top of one of the high mountain of Monteverde, here from an observatory platform, you will have a spectacular view of Nicoya Gulf and the Tilarán mountain range. From this point you can come back with the Tram or with the Sky Trek system. SKY TREK is a secure system of trails and zip lines, in the Monteverde Cloud Forest that offers visitors the opportunity to observe and appreciate the nature from different vantage points.SKY TREK is similar to other canopy tours in Costa Rica, but incorporates some significant differences, such as being of larger scale, metal platforms covered with mesh-covered and steel rails which prevent falling or sliding.

    Sky Walk is a combination of suspension bridges and platforms built in the cloud forest, that offers an opportunity to explore the forest not with canopy but in a safe and easy walk. SKY WALK allows a vision of the forest from a different perspective which starts with a walk on the ground through the forest, and takes you up to explore the trees near the top. The tour includes 2.5 km of footpathes and 6 sustension bridges, with a maximum length of 300 m and height above the treetops to enjoy the real beauty of the forest and its animals. Sky Walk it’s special to the bird and orchidias observation.

Comfortable light clothing, raincoat, hiking shoes, insect repellent, binoculars, camera or film

Sky Trek children must be taller than 120 cm (3’11’’) and with a minimum weight of 40 kg (88.1 lb), good physical condition, and ability to tolerate heights,Adults maximum weight 136 kg (300 lb). High intensity activity not recommended for people with any kind of health problem.

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